CEEG --- Global Specialist in Energy Management, provides innovated overall solutions for you, and makes the application of energy resources safer, more reliable, more efficient and more productive!

By right of our leading status in the four industries, namely photovoltaic technology, power transformer, complete set of electric installation, and insulation material, we can provide complicated and unique solutions for you in terms of residential house, building, energy resource, infrastructure, and data center market.

Our solutions can save cost for you effectively, and ensure sustained and reliable power supply.

For you, we make energy:

> protecting the safety of personnel and properties;
More reliable
> ensuring the safety of electric power for key applications;
More efficient
> Energy saving and efficiency increasing solution;
> Optimizing capital expenditure and operating cost by means of open and integrated solutions;
More productive
> Automation
> Connectivity
> Perfect services running through the whole service life

We will provide you with safe, convenient, efficient, and innovated solutions!

In order to meet customers’ increasing demands on solutions and application cases, we have put forward different solutions for the following ten industries according to our practical business volume. Here, the ten industries areshipping、railway/metro、grid/power supply bureau、highway tunnel and bridge、aviation and spaceflight、airport、military industry、coal、petrochemical、communication、metallurgy。

Sales Hotline:
(Transformer sales)
+86-25-52766666-6681/6683/6684 (PV)